Greetings everyone and welcome to FineArtHaven!

This project addresses the today’s problem of eBay (and other online platforms) being flooded with low quality art listings, overpriced listings, fakes and forgeries. This makes the art shopping experience frustrating even for the experienced art buyers, never mind the broader circles of art lovers and/or potential new investors.

So here is our solution: the items on the are imported from eBay (we might consider expending in the future to other platforms), for the items to be advertised on our site they have to meet following criteria:

  1. Only original artworks are allowed, no fakes, forgeries, copies or reproductions of any sort. Prints are good only when it’s the original medium intended by the artist.
  2. The works must present artistic and/or historical value. (no commercial, decorative or amateur art)
  3. The artworks must be reasonably priced, starting bid or BIN price should not exceed 100% retail markup from the estimated fair market value.

(These rules are subject to farther discussion and possible change.)
We are inviting to the project moderators, contributors, and sellers wishing to advertise their own auction on our site. Everything here is FREE of charge, all you need to do is register (at and get access to the import tool page where you can submit your QUALIFIED eBay listing(s) to the site just by copy/pasting eBay item number and submitting it.

Unqualified listings will be removed and repeat offenders will be stripped off their seller/contributor registration.

We are not directly involved in sale transactions on the items adverised here, this is handled by eBay. Which we believe is the top online trading platform these days and is capable of ensuring safety and fairness of transactions as good as anyone out there. On our part we concentrate only on what we can do the best - sorting out good fine art listings from the ones not up to the standard.

Thank you for visiting us.

FineArtHaven Team.